Wrath of the Righteous

Army of Darkness part 2
Baldwins journal #7

We ran into a few more minor problems but at last we arrive at the city.After the scouts got back we made our plans for the day first we struck at the hill where some minor demon forces where. Then we attacked where the cultists held prisoners and supplies, in doing so gained another 200 able bodied fighters for our cause i took command of this unit and we made way to our next target. Towards the end of the day we struck at the crypt and faced a horde of ghouls after dealing with them our party charged in to find the source of them and we found it some sort of undead called a berbalang he thought he still had the horde of ghouls at his disposal and was confused when he had to face us himself we struck him down fast enough and went to make camp for the night. Our rest was interrupted however when a strange looking Chimera started cutting through the army looking for us, a fierce battle ensued it struck at me and only managed t land a single blow on a lucky strike sensing the challenge it then went after the other others Salome took the worst of it and fell. And then it was jsut Alfonso Alexo and myself still able to fight i landed a mighty blow that nearly felled the beast i quickly followed up with another strike and brought it down. After making sure it was dead i saw to Salomes safety and the army after seeing the fight now looks to be in unbreakable morale, yet even as they cheer i can sense our power grow.

Army of Darkness
Baldwins journal #6

The siege is broken and from the shattered remains of the city those few left alive now emerge. Several weeks pass and the crusader army arrives it was at that time we where approached by none other than Crusader Queen Galfrey herself with bother thanks and a mission. She tells us that she believes that we are meant to replace the wardstones and this is why there power lingers in us empowering us to greater heights. As for the mission she wants us to retake the fallen city of Direzen with a small but elite unit both to serve as a foothold and to raise morale. We set off almost at one though coulsan made a few items for us Gugs was far beyond anything I’ve seen and has a mind of its own and many powers. Many of the people we saved as well as those following me also came with the army, our first taste of battle was on a bridge just a few days out we managed to sneak in to sabotage the army and killed the commander setting fire the the camp our troops easily crushed them. We where almost ambushed in a canyon but saw the foe in time they to fell. We now search an old temple for some monsters that attacked us and supplies thought demons attack us at each turn in this place its worth the risk as we found 1 storeroom with hundreds of potions.

Dark clouds part
Baldwins journal #5

So it has finally come to pass Salome and I have finally come to blows. I need only finish off the problem prisoners to protect our position the light cleanses but it is not gentle. After righteousness wins the day there was an enemy attack shadow demons how odd they seam to not be using any of there true powers to what end! An explosion what is this now by the gods 2 balors well 1 now that something killed one dead guards everywhere what?!? something is fighting the balors from the sky in cant quite make it out its gonna blow!
It looks like there will be no rest for us this day whatever we do to lift this siege it ends today for good or ill. we make for the wardstone. Our first foe is a fiendish minotaur we make quick work of him then we combat the scythe wielding leader of this operation they to fall fast. We then used the rod on the wardstone only to receive a vision of what could have ben the fall the crusade and the corruption of the crusaders. Then just as it appeared safe we where met by an image of none other thanAreelu Vorlesh herself she waved her hands a bit but nothing seamed to happen isn’t she supposed to be powerful after this didn’t work she then summoned 6 babau demons where in for a fight as i know this foe well. Yet even as combat nears I cant help but feel strange as if the destruction of the wardstone did more than just heal us and send out an evil killing pulse what is this power we killed the demons but rather then fade the power instead grew what is this power and what could the future hold?

Salome Log 4

Baldwin is being so obstinate! Does he not see that we seek the same ends? Why can’t he allow me to do my service to my Empyreal Lord. How am I supposed to do my best against the demonic hordes if I do not please my patron? Its not like I seek mercy for these fiends, it is that they must die a certain way so that their deaths go to the glory of Ragathiel.

Foreboding Darkness
Baldwins journal #4

We’ve made some real progress today on the holding, found a few more dead crusaders got the jump on what looks to be one of the local ringleaders who i managed to take alive. The second floor however is looking to be more of a challenge as the doors are bared strongly and we will have to climb up to the roof to get in even the vermin in this place are tainted with demonic energies as they swarm and attack us. We where beset upon by a large group of tieflings of whom i was able to take a few alive in hopes to show them the light bringing the total up to about 7 so far for this place. Back in the defenders last holdout i managed to convince 3 of them to attempt to come over to the light by treating them as people not freaks and monsters as the people of this town are so keen on doing, However as i am the one who have brought these people here playing the main role in there capture so now for the safety of the survivors i must put those who refuse to atone down lest we risk our position and the lives of everyone here should they escape so now as i strike them down… WHAT has some form of madness taken ahold of Salome as she demands they must live so that SHE can kill them it makes no logical sense as they must die now lest they escape she ramble son about needing to execute them and blocks my way so ill just use my bow, IS SHE INSANE she just jumped in for of an arrow and now a crowd is forming rambling on about law, execution and Ragathiel. I WILL NOT RISK THE LIVES AND SAFETY OF HUNDREDS SO THAT SHE CAN APPEASE THE MAD TENETS OF THIS HALF FIEND BASTARD of Dispater who cant get over his own inborn need for blood sacrifice and now Alfonso Alexo has joined in as if he has some personal stake in this matter has everyone gone mad from the demonic attack.

Salome Log 3

With our party reaching the other survivors, we now have some form of defense against the demonic horde, yet today I feel nervous, for despite my calls to keep villains alive so that I may exact righteous judgment against them, my fellows have taken to killing our enemies where they stand. This would be fine, if these were demons, but they are mortals, who have a right to be tried before their demise by the blades of the righteous.

Ferren's two copper
first and probably the last

I’ve been with this group for a few days after the fall of the town. They are all awful in there own rights. I hate them all. Especially Salome

A light in the Darkness
Baldwins journal #3

Now that we’ve dealt with the demons for now we make way for the library as its closest. Madness one of the crusaders seems to have lost his mind attempted to challenge me didn’t last long though we saved the other librarians thy opted to stay behind to preserve records. Now we make for Horgus Gwerms manor ran into some more “crusaders” trying to do a blood sacrifice to Iomedae IS EVERYONE INSANE IN THIS TOWN its a miracle it hasent fallen yet let alone years ago. We meet up with his guards now we have a safeish place to rest if need be left most of the noncombatants there we now make way to Anevia Tirablades house. The house looks unaffected by recent events its not natural some sort of orc spellcaster cultist inside tryed to kill Anevia Tirablade but he didn’t last long just kept summoning weak bugs what a joke. We found some plans that talk of cultist lairs fortunately the former cultist i’m showing the right path knows of the locations of these lairs and has reviled them to us. We have come up to what looks like a herbalists shop of some sort in the middle of being looted by some former mercenary trying to escape i managed to talk them into joining up with us after all there’s safety in numbers inside the former safehouse we fond a chest that had some poisoned holy symbols ofIomedae and a note mocking us from Baphomet ill hold on to these for now a plant monster almost killed Ferren O’Cyrus but he managed to pull through somehow we found a good number of secret plans and names of traitors to the crusade ill hold onto them for now until i can find someone in charge to give them to. When we got back the the manor we found it empty looks like they went to a more fortified position with the rest of the survivors where now heading there we at last found Anevia Tirablade wife a half orc by the looks of it who is now leading whats left of the crusaders int his town.
After we rested for the night she asked us if we could deal with the wardstone before the cultists can use it for some dark plan to destroy the world we agreed they then gave us some items and a rod to destroy the wardstone. We ran into some more demons who where sentries at the lair i knew of these demons to i sometimes wonder why i know everything about them all but best put that aside for now. I managed to muster all my strength and break through the door. I can finally draw upon the power of light to aid my comrades in battle as we now raid the lair of these fiends so far so good but if that will hold up remains to be seen. Lately Salome is complaining we haven’t taken nay one alive has she finally come around and seen that redemption is the way but when i look at her i see this blood lust what sinister reason could she want a live cultist for…..

Alfonso's Entry 2
The Exit to the Surface

After wandering in the dark for a bit we stumbled upon a old shrine to Torag. While there we ran into and quickly captured an insane dwarf. The poor fellow seemed to have once been the keeper of the shrine. He had been aggresive to crusaders, I wonder what happened to him. Despite the damage to the shrine and our mission to return to the surface, we took some time to restore the holy site; after all I am sure Torag watched over the creation of all of our arms.

After a brief respite we continued through the darkness with Gug carrying our new companion. We eventually spotted a group of mongrelmen, one of whom was trapped beneath some rubble. With our combined strength we all manage to get him out safely. In return for our aid the mongrelmen offered to take us to their home and help us find a way to the surface. I had only heard rumors of such a place below our city. On the way there we found some bodies in crusader armor but they were not crusaders. Perhaps these were the people who drove the dwarf mad. We will take a body with us, maybe someone on the surface would know more about traitors or spies; I just hope someone is still up there.

We soon met with the leader of the mongrelmen. He offered his services to us as he once did for the crusades, but he asks us a favor. The exit to the surface is blocked by cultists and traitors who seek to do harm to these people and they want us to eliminate them; we will easily defeat them, after all I think this group has a thing against cultists.

We stormed their base of operations with ease, clearing room after room with amazing teamwork, I feel like we could accomplish anything. One room had two giant amoebas for trash disposal, smart. Aside from that the cultist had no tactical sense and, despite some lucky blows, we were unopposed by their combatants. After defeating the leader we found out that they had something to do with the attack on the city, I will personally make sure that they pay for what they have done.

After we reached the surface Salome goaded out some demons. I appreciate her eagerness to rid the town of demons, I would just like a heads up next time. At least I know now that Ferren is an extremely good shot.

I worry for Salome and Baldwin, they both want to do good but each have a conflicting world views on how to deliver it. I just hope that his pride and her wrath don’t collide.

Salome Log 2

Today I have performed my first obedience for my lord Ragathiel. I took a condemned criminal and slew him with my blade, carrying out the execution with the sword. His blood is the first that I shall anoint the ground in the pursuit of the eradication of all evil.

Baldwin seems to wish to redeem the leader of the demoniacs, butI will try to persuade him to allow me to send her swiftly to the Lady of Graves so that she may face her ultimate judgement. We are in the middle of war, with demons running through the streets. It’s quite possible that the very Abyss is spilling out and will take over the entirety of the inner sea region in a matter of weeks. If someone has cast their lot with the forces who would seek to destroy all that is good in the world, why should we waste our time in trying to make them see the light?

If they want to ruin everything, kill millions of innocent people for their own misguided selfish gain, that is their decision to make, and they must reap what they sow. I have no time leading fools out of the tunnels of their ignorance when the streets are bathed in the blood of the innocent.


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