Wrath of the Righteous

Salome Log 1

My dear friends in Magnimar have said it was time for me to finally return to my homeland and that the fury of Ragathiel’s righteous zeal will guide me along any adversity I will face. I decided to make my way to Kenebras to enjoy the festival from the comfort of the shadows. Events, however, would conspire against me. Khorramzadeh, the Storm King and an army of his abyssal hordes destroyed the city and destroyed the guardian, Terendelev, plunging us into the depths below.

There I met up with a group of others, an eclectic group. I did not have much time to learn about them, because my fury had me focused on escaping the caves. There were a few who looked on me in disdain. One was a large beast, whose helpful actions showed his true nature. The final of our impromptu crew intrigued me the most. He wore the vestments of a holy warrior, yet his blatant disdain for the customs of the land baffle me. Is this how things work around here now, that a paladin can question authority so and not be punished for his actions.

I know my place in this world, and I accept it. I need not some knight to defend my honor. It is by my own blade that I defend others, for I am not one one who deserves pity.

descent into darkness
Baldwins journal

After many months travel I’ve finally arrived at the worldwound with the Chelish lands long behind me and my hellknight pursuers long lost we arrive in Kenabres.While most of the other chose to stay behind in Andoran or the river kingdoms with most of my wealth Ive left them to live on. Samuel seams intent to follow me to the end regardless of the dangers of the worldwound. This city I’ve never seen so much hatred for anything outside of Cheliax they way they look at the Tieflings with such judgmental eyes its almost a miracle they haven’t driven then all to the demons side with such harsh treatment. This party is causing the people to lower there guards considerably don’t they look at the histories its times such as this when attacks happen well at lest i know Samuel will be ready to take up arms by my side should the worst happen.

Chaos in the streets fire everywhere screams the city is under attack by the demons with what appears to be the storm “king” at its head the silver dragon that defends the city is in combat with it …. No the dragon has fallen and the ground crumbles beneath our feet darkness it would appear the dragon has used its last breath to save myself and a few others some sort of caster Aravashnial and a fighter of sorts Anevia Tirablade and a merchant Horgus Gwerm as well as a few others who seem more durable Samuel is nowhere to be found i can only hope he is alright but its best to see to the others for now. This merchant Horgus seams like hes going to be a bit of work as he refuses to even arm himself for defense even the injured members are ready to fight should the need arrive he has promised us each gold for his safe return thanks to my quick thinking and diplomacy to calm him down where all going to need to work together to make it out of this alive. These caves are crawling with vermin it would seam someone camped here recently ugh this Gug fellow seams to have a hard time following plans and has gotten himself some illness.Horgus is acting worse than a child and antagonizing Anevia whose leg is broken as if shes some burden he must think money can solve all his problems and make him immune to repercussions. Now that Ive ben forced to calm him down a second time so he quits acting stupid however it look like all the noise he made has attracted something Ill be sure to give him a stern talking to after this is over.

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