Terendelev's Scale


palm sized dragon scales
grants owners abilities when only one is carried. And not if the owner is evil.
Nonevil owners receive a flash of insight to understand the powers instinctively.

3 Times a day, the scale can activate one of the following powers.

Cloudwalking – as a standard action, can cast Levitate. A Pillar of rolling clouds 5 feet in diameter lifts the scales owner. This pillar of clouds always stretches between the scales owner and the ground. Any one inside the clouds recieves 20% concealment.

Disguise – as a standard action the scale can cast Alter Self to disguise the scales owner. While disguised the owner receives a +4 Bluff against evil creatures.

Resistance -as a standard action the scale can be used to cast Resist Elements, only against electricity or cold.

Sacred Weaponry -as a standard action, the scale can be used to cast Align Weapon to make the weapon Lawful or Good. This can also be cast on unarmed and natural weapons


Terendelev's Scale

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