Wrath of the Righteous

Salome Log 2

Today I have performed my first obedience for my lord Ragathiel. I took a condemned criminal and slew him with my blade, carrying out the execution with the sword. His blood is the first that I shall anoint the ground in the pursuit of the eradication of all evil.

Baldwin seems to wish to redeem the leader of the demoniacs, butI will try to persuade him to allow me to send her swiftly to the Lady of Graves so that she may face her ultimate judgement. We are in the middle of war, with demons running through the streets. It’s quite possible that the very Abyss is spilling out and will take over the entirety of the inner sea region in a matter of weeks. If someone has cast their lot with the forces who would seek to destroy all that is good in the world, why should we waste our time in trying to make them see the light?

If they want to ruin everything, kill millions of innocent people for their own misguided selfish gain, that is their decision to make, and they must reap what they sow. I have no time leading fools out of the tunnels of their ignorance when the streets are bathed in the blood of the innocent.



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