Wrath of the Righteous

Foreboding Darkness

Baldwins journal #4

We’ve made some real progress today on the holding, found a few more dead crusaders got the jump on what looks to be one of the local ringleaders who i managed to take alive. The second floor however is looking to be more of a challenge as the doors are bared strongly and we will have to climb up to the roof to get in even the vermin in this place are tainted with demonic energies as they swarm and attack us. We where beset upon by a large group of tieflings of whom i was able to take a few alive in hopes to show them the light bringing the total up to about 7 so far for this place. Back in the defenders last holdout i managed to convince 3 of them to attempt to come over to the light by treating them as people not freaks and monsters as the people of this town are so keen on doing, However as i am the one who have brought these people here playing the main role in there capture so now for the safety of the survivors i must put those who refuse to atone down lest we risk our position and the lives of everyone here should they escape so now as i strike them down… WHAT has some form of madness taken ahold of Salome as she demands they must live so that SHE can kill them it makes no logical sense as they must die now lest they escape she ramble son about needing to execute them and blocks my way so ill just use my bow, IS SHE INSANE she just jumped in for of an arrow and now a crowd is forming rambling on about law, execution and Ragathiel. I WILL NOT RISK THE LIVES AND SAFETY OF HUNDREDS SO THAT SHE CAN APPEASE THE MAD TENETS OF THIS HALF FIEND BASTARD of Dispater who cant get over his own inborn need for blood sacrifice and now Alfonso Alexo has joined in as if he has some personal stake in this matter has everyone gone mad from the demonic attack.



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