Wrath of the Righteous

Dark clouds part

Baldwins journal #5

So it has finally come to pass Salome and I have finally come to blows. I need only finish off the problem prisoners to protect our position the light cleanses but it is not gentle. After righteousness wins the day there was an enemy attack shadow demons how odd they seam to not be using any of there true powers to what end! An explosion what is this now by the gods 2 balors well 1 now that something killed one dead guards everywhere what?!? something is fighting the balors from the sky in cant quite make it out its gonna blow!
It looks like there will be no rest for us this day whatever we do to lift this siege it ends today for good or ill. we make for the wardstone. Our first foe is a fiendish minotaur we make quick work of him then we combat the scythe wielding leader of this operation they to fall fast. We then used the rod on the wardstone only to receive a vision of what could have ben the fall the crusade and the corruption of the crusaders. Then just as it appeared safe we where met by an image of none other thanAreelu Vorlesh herself she waved her hands a bit but nothing seamed to happen isn’t she supposed to be powerful after this didn’t work she then summoned 6 babau demons where in for a fight as i know this foe well. Yet even as combat nears I cant help but feel strange as if the destruction of the wardstone did more than just heal us and send out an evil killing pulse what is this power we killed the demons but rather then fade the power instead grew what is this power and what could the future hold?



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