Wrath of the Righteous

Army of Darkness part 2

Baldwins journal #7

We ran into a few more minor problems but at last we arrive at the city.After the scouts got back we made our plans for the day first we struck at the hill where some minor demon forces where. Then we attacked where the cultists held prisoners and supplies, in doing so gained another 200 able bodied fighters for our cause i took command of this unit and we made way to our next target. Towards the end of the day we struck at the crypt and faced a horde of ghouls after dealing with them our party charged in to find the source of them and we found it some sort of undead called a berbalang he thought he still had the horde of ghouls at his disposal and was confused when he had to face us himself we struck him down fast enough and went to make camp for the night. Our rest was interrupted however when a strange looking Chimera started cutting through the army looking for us, a fierce battle ensued it struck at me and only managed t land a single blow on a lucky strike sensing the challenge it then went after the other others Salome took the worst of it and fell. And then it was jsut Alfonso Alexo and myself still able to fight i landed a mighty blow that nearly felled the beast i quickly followed up with another strike and brought it down. After making sure it was dead i saw to Salomes safety and the army after seeing the fight now looks to be in unbreakable morale, yet even as they cheer i can sense our power grow.



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