Wrath of the Righteous

Army of Darkness

Baldwins journal #6

The siege is broken and from the shattered remains of the city those few left alive now emerge. Several weeks pass and the crusader army arrives it was at that time we where approached by none other than Crusader Queen Galfrey herself with bother thanks and a mission. She tells us that she believes that we are meant to replace the wardstones and this is why there power lingers in us empowering us to greater heights. As for the mission she wants us to retake the fallen city of Direzen with a small but elite unit both to serve as a foothold and to raise morale. We set off almost at one though coulsan made a few items for us Gugs was far beyond anything I’ve seen and has a mind of its own and many powers. Many of the people we saved as well as those following me also came with the army, our first taste of battle was on a bridge just a few days out we managed to sneak in to sabotage the army and killed the commander setting fire the the camp our troops easily crushed them. We where almost ambushed in a canyon but saw the foe in time they to fell. We now search an old temple for some monsters that attacked us and supplies thought demons attack us at each turn in this place its worth the risk as we found 1 storeroom with hundreds of potions.



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