Wrath of the Righteous

Alfonso's Entry 2

The Exit to the Surface

After wandering in the dark for a bit we stumbled upon a old shrine to Torag. While there we ran into and quickly captured an insane dwarf. The poor fellow seemed to have once been the keeper of the shrine. He had been aggresive to crusaders, I wonder what happened to him. Despite the damage to the shrine and our mission to return to the surface, we took some time to restore the holy site; after all I am sure Torag watched over the creation of all of our arms.

After a brief respite we continued through the darkness with Gug carrying our new companion. We eventually spotted a group of mongrelmen, one of whom was trapped beneath some rubble. With our combined strength we all manage to get him out safely. In return for our aid the mongrelmen offered to take us to their home and help us find a way to the surface. I had only heard rumors of such a place below our city. On the way there we found some bodies in crusader armor but they were not crusaders. Perhaps these were the people who drove the dwarf mad. We will take a body with us, maybe someone on the surface would know more about traitors or spies; I just hope someone is still up there.

We soon met with the leader of the mongrelmen. He offered his services to us as he once did for the crusades, but he asks us a favor. The exit to the surface is blocked by cultists and traitors who seek to do harm to these people and they want us to eliminate them; we will easily defeat them, after all I think this group has a thing against cultists.

We stormed their base of operations with ease, clearing room after room with amazing teamwork, I feel like we could accomplish anything. One room had two giant amoebas for trash disposal, smart. Aside from that the cultist had no tactical sense and, despite some lucky blows, we were unopposed by their combatants. After defeating the leader we found out that they had something to do with the attack on the city, I will personally make sure that they pay for what they have done.

After we reached the surface Salome goaded out some demons. I appreciate her eagerness to rid the town of demons, I would just like a heads up next time. At least I know now that Ferren is an extremely good shot.

I worry for Salome and Baldwin, they both want to do good but each have a conflicting world views on how to deliver it. I just hope that his pride and her wrath don’t collide.



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