Wrath of the Righteous

A light in the Darkness

Baldwins journal #3

Now that we’ve dealt with the demons for now we make way for the library as its closest. Madness one of the crusaders seems to have lost his mind attempted to challenge me didn’t last long though we saved the other librarians thy opted to stay behind to preserve records. Now we make for Horgus Gwerms manor ran into some more “crusaders” trying to do a blood sacrifice to Iomedae IS EVERYONE INSANE IN THIS TOWN its a miracle it hasent fallen yet let alone years ago. We meet up with his guards now we have a safeish place to rest if need be left most of the noncombatants there we now make way to Anevia Tirablades house. The house looks unaffected by recent events its not natural some sort of orc spellcaster cultist inside tryed to kill Anevia Tirablade but he didn’t last long just kept summoning weak bugs what a joke. We found some plans that talk of cultist lairs fortunately the former cultist i’m showing the right path knows of the locations of these lairs and has reviled them to us. We have come up to what looks like a herbalists shop of some sort in the middle of being looted by some former mercenary trying to escape i managed to talk them into joining up with us after all there’s safety in numbers inside the former safehouse we fond a chest that had some poisoned holy symbols ofIomedae and a note mocking us from Baphomet ill hold on to these for now a plant monster almost killed Ferren O’Cyrus but he managed to pull through somehow we found a good number of secret plans and names of traitors to the crusade ill hold onto them for now until i can find someone in charge to give them to. When we got back the the manor we found it empty looks like they went to a more fortified position with the rest of the survivors where now heading there we at last found Anevia Tirablade wife a half orc by the looks of it who is now leading whats left of the crusaders int his town.
After we rested for the night she asked us if we could deal with the wardstone before the cultists can use it for some dark plan to destroy the world we agreed they then gave us some items and a rod to destroy the wardstone. We ran into some more demons who where sentries at the lair i knew of these demons to i sometimes wonder why i know everything about them all but best put that aside for now. I managed to muster all my strength and break through the door. I can finally draw upon the power of light to aid my comrades in battle as we now raid the lair of these fiends so far so good but if that will hold up remains to be seen. Lately Salome is complaining we haven’t taken nay one alive has she finally come around and seen that redemption is the way but when i look at her i see this blood lust what sinister reason could she want a live cultist for…..



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